Introducing Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the science of growing crops without soil and is a subset of soilless culture.The term Hydroponics comes from a combination of two words; hydro which means water and ponics comes from the Greek word ponos meaning labour in Greek.

Drip Systems

N.F.T. Nutrient Film Technique

Water Culture

Simply put, Hydroponics allows crops to grow in a water based, nutrient rich solution minus any soil. In this methodology the roots take up the nutrition, water and Oxygen from a water medium.

Media Culture: Here, the plants are grown in solid media which is sterile and has no micro-biological infection. The media could be rockwool, vermiculite, perlite, cocopeat, volcanic rock, saw dust, rice husk, either individually or in a combination. These nutrients are mixed into the source water and then the crops are fertigated by hand or via a commercial system using the drip method.

Our Mission

At CV Hydro our mission is to train both aspirants and semi-skilled individuals in urban and rural areas to set up inexpensive soilless/hydroponic vegetable, flower and herb growing systems for commercial use.

Meet India’s very own Hydroponics man

“Food is a human birth right and every individual has the right to clean, nutritious and wholesome food.”

CV Prakash, Lead Instructor at CV Hydro

Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Institute of Simplified Hydroponics, CV Prakash has over 19 years of experience in Hydroponics and has trained over 11,000 students so far.

Along with his mentor and guru Peggy Bradley (President & Founder, Institute of Simplified Hydroponics, U.S.A), CV set up the Pet Bharo project in October 2008 at an orphanage attached to a Christian Missionary School in Bangalore. The project was aptly christened the ‘Pet Bharo.’ CV has also been instrumental

in setting up several rooftop Hydroponics projects all over India. In his illustrious career CV has been invited as a keynote speaker at major seminars on commercial Hydroponics held across the country. In 2017 he was also invited as a TED Speaker to speak on ‘Hydroponics -The Future of Urban Food’ an independently held TEDx event at the PESIT South Bangalore Campus.

CV has many achievements to his credit in this field and is a well-known resource person, not just in India, but across the Indian sub-continent.

Achievements & Milestones

A recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Award by the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, CV has played the roles of mentor, instructor, keynote speaker and consultant in the span of his illustrious career.



Mentored an Urban Hydroponic farming start-up called Woollys, which has been incubated by IIM Bangalore and Bio-Innovation labs Karnataka since October 2016. Woollys was second in the Karnataka Elevate Challenge and won a government accelerator grant worth INR 10 lakhs.

Set up India’s first truly hi-tech (Computer-controlled Environmental and Fertigation systems) and Hydroponics greenhouse at Bangalore for the production of world-class strawberries using South Korean technology. Produced world-class Spinach, Coriander, Lettuce, Strawberry, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Okra, Green Chili, several Japanese herbs, and more than 20 specimens of vegetables.

Official grower and supplier for Walmart India in Bangalore for over 3 years. Achieved preferred vendor status from Walmart due to the sheer consistency, reliability and high quality of fresh produce. Ran this farm as the Head of Operations for 3 years.

Set up another similar Hydroponics system using the NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) re-circulating system for a client to produce world-class high-quality leafy lettuce at Coimbatore.

Set up a third Hydroponics Greenhouse system in Zambia for production of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper and strawberries on a 4-acre plot.

Set up a 1 acre soilless ginger production facility at Ahmedabad, India and it was a one-of-its-kind pilot project in the history of Indian horticulture.

Set up in 2010, India’s first Hydroponic Garden at a leading multi-speciality hospital in Bangalore, providing high-quality pesticide-free, nutritious produce for its patients.

Built the first-ever Live Hydroponics Display at the Agri-Intex 2014 exhibition at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and a second one for the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad.

Successfully consulted for a 3 acre farm in Hyderabad in 2019, and ensured the client success and profitability.

Speaker, Advisory & Other Roles

Was an advisor on the Study Board Greenhouse Management Program DDU, Kaushal Kendra at Ramnarain Ruia College (selected by Mumbai University).

Presented a Lead paper at the National Consultative Workshop on Protected Cultivation titled ‘Greenhouse Environment Management and Root Zone Control in Soilless Horticulture systems,’ held at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad in February 2017

Was Invited as Guest of Honour and Keynote speaker by Dell-EMC2 Technologies at Bangalore to celebrate the Dell “Legacy of Good” on occasion of World Earth Day Celebrations in April 2017.

Keynote speaker at the recently concluded ‘Food for the Future-Emerging Technologies,’ Bangalore.

More than 50 of his papers and presentations can be found on which are amongst the top 0.5 percentile of the most read papers in the world on the portal.

Media & Press